Galina Koryakina


strap length 1m. 20cm. Avsa in Even language is a women’s bag for small things. Terges in Even language is rovduga. Rovduga is a deer skin processed on both sides. The belt and the bag tie are made of rovduga. Mereti in the Even language is a circle. Ini in the Even language is life, living being or organism. Nyolten heddeken in Even language means appearance, sunrise.The circle on the woman’s bag means sunrise. Khirtin, hirte in the Even language means a strip of fabric, a ribbon, a border, a strip that was cut off from the skin. A strip of beads is embroidered along the edges of the women’s bag. Evdech in the Even language is a motif of an ornament consisting of two or three rows of blue, light blue, dark blue beads. Palunya in the Even language is the motif of the ornament of black beads. Atakikagcha – an ornament in the form of spiders (embroidered with beads), a motif of a white bead ornament. Ornament is separately embroidered on felt. To do this, you need to make a paper template for embroidery. Consider edge distance, length, height, width, etc. The women’s bag is intended as an addition to the traditional regalia. And also as a festive accessory.

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