Aksinia Ivanovna Efimova

Hat of Even kin Donre

Festive female old style hat made off three parts: 1. front, 2. crown, 3. back.

The open part at the back is for hair (braids). Since ancient times, the Evens considered girlish hair and braids to be the definition of beauty. The most important were length, thickness and luster. Girls from an early age were taught by their mothers on how to care for their hair and were strictly monitored. During festivals nomads from different remote camps, other clans and even other tribes came to secretly look for “brides”. The continuation of the future of their kin depended on this. Therefore talking care of the hair was crucially important for the girls who used diverse herbal hair care products.

Back plate: a) functions to protect from natural weather conditions (wind, snow, rain, and so on). b) protect from the penetration of evil spirits, since the beginning of the spine is the gate of evil. Bells with their ringing sounds scare away evil spirits. Fringe – represents feathers of birds, because once upon a time this kin was bird.

participation in exhibition

Permanent exhibition

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