Aksinia Ivanovna Efimova

Kukuidi – Women Fur Regalia

The pattern is traditional, with a minimum number of stitches made of 1,5 reindeer skins. On the back: 2 inserts from the middle to the hem, to expand the coat.

Ele – the hinged front part embroidered with beads, the second row is deveche.

Nel – the apron is embroidered with beaded ornament and iron pendants, suede fringe. Embroidery with colored threads, stripes of white rovduga (reindeer suede) through the cuts – a square ornament and rectangles.

Hat – reindeer fur embroidered with beads.

Mittens – an autumn deer kamus (reindeer leg fur) with a slot for tassels.

The bag is made of kamuses with a rhombus ornament.

participation in exhibition

Permanent exhibition

Materials used

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