Aksinia Ivanovna Efimova

Naimika – Rovduga (Reindeer Suede) Even Regalia

The pattern is traditional. Made of whole skin of a wild taiga reindeer, raglan with a minimum number of stitches. The size and height of the deer is planned in advance.

Nel – the apron is processed and dyed with devche (ochre) from alder bark. It is embroidered with beads and reindeer neck hair (ancient kind of embroidery that is learned for years to become a master. Reindeer hair is very fragile and has a different shape, and is hollow inside). Ornament – a strip of white rovduga (reindeer suede) threaded through the slots of the black rovduga (alternating white and black squares or rectangular parts. The slots are cut with a sharp knife all at a time.

Ele – an ornament on the front of the suit embroidered with beads.

Shoes – made of rovduga (processed with smoke for moisture protection). Beadwork ornament represent yaranga (Even dwelling) and spiders.

Gloves – suede made of thin reindeer hide, the seam is embroidered with colored thread imitating traces of a ptarmigan and hazel grouse. Bead ornament – inna represent life and sun.

The handbag is made of reindeer leg fur and young reindeer skin embroiders with yaranga ornament.

participation in exhibition

Permanent exhibition

Materials used

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