Arctic Indigenous Virtual Artist Network

AIVAN is an informal platform that unites Indigenous artists throughout the Arctic and beyond to share Indigenous wisdom through creative arts. Our virtual circle is held on a weekly basis to exchange knowledge, traditional crafts techniques, and facilitate discussions on the place of Indigenous arts in the 21st century.

Virtual exhibition

15 April 2022

Quilt Ojar

Circles on the Water

PennElyz Droz shared with the AIVAN group about how she crafts clothing and art to connect her and her family to their Anishnaabe roots.
Aresta Tsosie-Paddock shared with the AIVAN group her processes of quilt-making, and some guiding traditional values that inform her work as an artist and language teacher.
Kunaq or Marjorie Tahbone shared with the AIVAN group a wide range of her eclectic practices in traditional Inupiaq art.

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