Tatiana Kozhevina

Products of the master of Sami handicraft

  1. Berdo with shuttle is made of reindeer antler and decorated with engraving with a cutter, used for weaving patterned braid.
  2. Brooch “Polar Star” – embroidery with pewter thread on red cloth.
  3. Travel pincushion made of reindeer antler is decorated with engraving, the detail for the needles is sewn from reindeer leather and cloth.
  4. A woman’s stove is a winter Sami garment made of reindeer fur.
  5. Table needle-cushion with a Sami pattern of bead embroidery.
  6. Spoon made of reindeer antler decorated with engraving carving.
  7. Fur shoes – Sámi women’s kangi sewn from reindeer koibs.
  8. A milkpot made of birch burl, used for milking of the milk of a she-calf.
  9. Rims for women’s kanegs are sewn from colored cloth and decorated with applique, beads and beads.
  10. The panel “Owl” is made of fur flap of reindeer coibs.
  11. Sami men’s shirt is made of cloth and decorated with Sami embroidery beads.
  12. Sámi men’s bag made of tanned reindeer leather, decorated with Sámi embroidery with pewter thread.
  13. Sami kisets are made of leather, cloth with slit appliqué.
  14. Sami ball made of colored cloth decorated with beads and cloth triangular pendants – tehp.
  15. Bag “Day and Night” is made of colored wool, decorated with bead embroidery.
  16. Bag for needlework with pockets is sewn from leather and decorated with Sami bead embroidery.
  17. Women’s bag “Sunny” sewn from leather, decorated with leather applique.
  18. Handbag – needlepoint made of reindeer leather with embroidery with pewter thread.
  19. Case for storing hard disk memory is sewn from reindeer leather, decorated with applique and Sami bead embroidery.
  20. Shamshura – a Sami headdress of a married woman, made of red cloth with bead embroidery.
  21. Sami winter men’s hat made of colored cloth, decorated with beaded embroidery, applique and fox fur with ties of colored yarn.

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