Mary Young Bear

Contemporary Meskwaki Women’s Beadwork

size 10 3-cut glass beads, 1” washer brooches, tin cones, horse hair, 8mm glass faceted beads, wool, satin ribbon, canvas, gesso, leather.

Bandolier Bag W/applique straps W x 9 ½ “ H x 10 ½ “

Applique Straps – Ремни с аппликацией L длина x 25” W ширина x 4”

Hairpiece L x 20” W x3 ½ “

Cuffs (x2) L x 9” W x 3”

Barrette Diameter x 4 ½“

Moccasin Flaps (x2) L x 7 ½ “ W x 3”

participation in exhibition

Permanent exhibition

Materials used

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