Mary Young Bear

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About Artist

I am an enrolled member of the Meskwaki Nation from Tama Iowa. Born and raised in Denver, I now live in Iowa. I am self-taught in all manners of beadwork and traditional garment construction and I have been actively producing beadwork for 45 years. I am also a doll maker, painter and printmaker. I have shown my work all over the United States. I currently work as a Conservationist for the Meskwaki Nation at the Meskaki Cultural Center and Museum in Tama Iowa.

The main surface I like to bead on is canvas that has an acrylic gesso layer on it. The surface is then easy to sew, plus it’s durable and can be made into almost anything. I also like to bead on traditional brain-tanned leather because it is also durable and it’s easy on the beading needles. I enjoy trying new surfaces and experimenting with new beads because you never know what’s going to work until you try it. I like to tell people that there are no rules and no limitations to what we do with our art.

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