Albina Morilova

Creating earrings with salmon bones

For a long time I wanted to try work with salmon bones, here what I came up with. These are vertebrae from Chinook salmon. In this case Chinook was not big – 6-7 kg therefore, the vertebrae are of medium size. Rarely, but large Chinook salmon 10-12 kg comes across. Fish vertebrae are used for jewelry – pendants, earrings. So that finished products from the vertebrae do not turn yellow and do not publish unpleasant odors, you need to thoroughly clean with a small brush all the corners, holes, cracks from pieces of fish, cut off sharp ends, and then place them in a bleach solution for a day. You can use any white bleach. Then remove from solution and let it dry. Then use the finished vertebrae for jewelry.

participation in exhibition

Permanent exhibition

Materials used

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