Amber Webb

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Amber Webb (Yupik) is a Curyung tribal member from Curyung, Alaska also known as Dillingham. 

After graduating from UAA in 2013, she designed apparel featuring Yugtun words to encourage language revival and continuation. In 2018, she was awarded a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Project Award. Her work explores the evolution and strength of indigenous people. The pieces created are representational of the process of recovery from the deeply personal impact of ongoing genocide and intergenerational trauma. 

Her art draws from careful study of Yupiaq historical accounts, graphic styles and traditional symbols. It is heavily dependent on the area known as the Wood-Tikchik lake system; an area that is and always has been Native Land. She is best known for the Qaspeq Project in honor of MMIWG2S+ that she hopes to bring to more communities in Canada and the US.

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