Lyudmila Gileva (Helol)

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Gilyova (Helol) Lyudmila Mironovna was born June 24, 1958. After graduating from Palanskaya secondary school entered the Moscow Art School named after. 1905. She returned to work as a teacher of fine arts at the District School of Arts.

From 1981 to 1986 she studied at the Moscow State Art Institute named after Surikov. After graduation she continued her work in the district.

In her creative works depicts the life of fishermen of the North, portraits of fellow countrymen. Working as a methodologist at the District Institute for Advanced Training of Teachers, Lyudmila became interested in illustrating fairy tales, stories and poems in her native language. In 2000, the fairy tale “The Magic Rope” told by Amcheh Vera Kaisevna and recorded by Milgichil Nina Nikolaevna was published in Japan. In 2021 published in Kamchatpress “Rainbow of fairy tales” with illustrations by L.M. Gilyova. A children’s book with poems by M.I. Popov, with stories by K.N. Khaloymova in the Itelmen language with illustrations by L.M. Gilyova are waiting for publication.

At present Lyudmila Mironovna works at the Palanskaya secondary school as a drawing teacher and is engaged in national applied arts with children in the family museum of N.K. Khelol and her pupils.

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