Tag: Reindeer skin

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BIOGRAPHY I represent the culture of the Khanty people. I want to preserve and pass on to my children the rich heritage of our ancestors. I was born in the working village of Panino, Paninsky district of the Voronezh region in the family of Alexander Fedorovich and Natalia Alexandrovna Gorshkovs (Rebas). In 2008, with the birth of my eldest son, I started beading, sewing and began to gradually remember the skills instilled by my mother. While developing in the skill of sewing and weaving of beads, I learned the techniques of ancient weaving with two needles and sewing appliques on fabric. With the help of grandmothers, we made "Sev" - false braids and sewed "Nuki Vai" - summer shoes from deer skin. Now I am the head of the local public organization "National-cultural autonomy of the Khanty" Pulngavat "in the city of Salekhard. Our organization is continuously working on the revival, development and dissemination of the Khanty language and literature, our history, culture, education, traditional arts and crafts and customs.

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