Natalia Izhebina

Элынди̇ по̄ (World Tree)

In my work, I am talking about the World Tree that grows with seven roots. It is so tall and it reaches the sky with its branches. Shamans are able to find this tree to ascend to the sky. One side of the tree is looking towards the night, the other – towards the day, and there are seven branches on each side. A cuckoo bird sits on top of each branch. Another cuckoo sits on top of the tree. Each root has a snake. These snakes guard the entrance from the middle world to the lower one. The entrance is in the forest. This is a hole to which a dirty path leads. If you approach this hole, you can see the smoke from the fire and people sitting around the fire.

participation in exhibition

Materials used

other artworks

Quilt Ojar — Circles on the Water

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