Svetlana Rodikova

Pegaya Orda (Piebald Horde)

The name of the Piebald Horde is not entirely clear. In different dialects of the Selkup language PEӶ – elk, PEӃӃ – elk, OR or ORFUL – strong, ORFUL ӃUP – strong man, hero. The name PEGAYA HORDE can be translated as a strong people or heroes of the sacred elk. The piebald horde was formed in the conditions of constant wars. The Selkup leaders fought against the Khanty, Evenks, Kets, and Tatars. The piebald horde was a system of petty Selkup leaders. Through this work, I display the name of our multinational people (Selkups, Khanty, Mansi, Evenks, Chulyms) who live in the Tomsk region. Initially, our people belong to the Kulay culture. We see the famous Bucket of the Big Dipper in the image of an elk. Once the hero Icha with his hunters was chasing a heavenly elk, which wears the moon on its horns. For a long time they drove him, they shot from bows, but they could not hit. The moose ran away. Stars and ladle handles are the arrows of hunters that have flown past the target. And the bucket itself is the Elk, the most important animal in the life of the Selkups, forest people. The word Selkup itself is translated as a taiga person.

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Quilt Ojar — Circles on the Water

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