Lyubov Evigyna

Koryakia (Koryak land)

The work has an interesting story. We found an old work, so old that even the color was not visible. We decided to restore it. This is how it came out. Almost all symbols of our northern Koryakia are depicted in this creation. Yurt is the original dwelling of the nomadic Chukchi and Koryak People who live in the northern villages of Koryakia. Volcanoes and a colorful rainbow are direct phenomena of the nature of our Koryakia. Sea, river, fish, the ocean with killer whales, beluga whales, whales and other marine mammals, as well as freshwater rivers, lakes and reservoirs full of various fish and salmon. Reindeer is an animal that has been associated with Indigenous people from time immemorial, because the deer is our food, clothing, housing and a means of transportation.

participation in exhibition

Materials used

other artworks

Quilt Ojar — Circles on the Water

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