Aleksandr Mokryi


This square represents the world of the ARCTICenter, an interdisciplinary research center that led the co-creation of AIVAN network and the collaboration on the quilt Ojar project. In the Center we learn from Indigenous knowledge about the beauty of the Arctic. We celebrate the salmon run of the North Pacific waters, the reindeer stewardship practices of Yamal, Sakha-Yakutia, Chukotka, and Kamchatka, and the unforgettable cold, yet colourful landscape and enduring cultures of the vast Arctic territories.

This island is a form of salmon art reclaimed by the Itelmen people of Kamchatka. We used salmon skin for creating a narrative. Through this island we explore our relationships with the lands we came from, the lands we work on, and people whom we collaborate with. (Artists: Tatiana Degai, Aleksandr Mokryi, Andrey Petrov)

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Quilt Ojar — Circles on the Water

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